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Qira’at classes

Qira’at Classes

Qira’at is the duty that Allah has imposed on us to follow and to teach our kids about the syllabus and how it should be read properly.

Qira’at is not something that is written and we recite it, but it’s a way of learning different things through Arabic and helps us understand the meaning which could be used for tomorrow’s communication.

However, before your child begins with our journey, he/she would have to complete a short assessment and a short recitation of the Quran where our Imams will understand and see how skilled you are and see your weaknesses. By doing this, you will be placed in your suitable class. Other requirements will be your dress code which needs to be blue trousers and a white shirt for the first day where at the end of your first class, your proper uniform will be given.

Our classes vary from weekdays and weekends in the morning and afternoon as long it is suited for your time.

If you do not have the books, you should not worry as our bookstore manager in our community has them at a lower price for first-time new students.

Finally, one of the most important pieces of news that we could share with you is the Qira’at competition we have every year before the summer holidays where we organize events where you and our students will be able to compete and show your skills to a wide audience. Remember, winning the competition is not the aim, but making yourself proud and confident is the biggest achievement you might even be nervous, but there should be nothing that will stop you from reciting Quran.

It is a blessed moment to say to all of you kids and first-time students, our doors will be always open for students who wish to learn, and once you complete your skills, Allah will give you good deeds.