Qira’at classes

Qira’at classes

Qira’at Classes

Qira’at is the duty that Allah has imposed on us to follow and to teach our kids about the syllabus and how it should be read properly.

Qira’at is not something that is written and we recite it, but it’s a way of learning different things through Arabic and helps us understand the meaning which could be used for tomorrow’s communication.

However, before your child begins with our journey, he/she would have to complete a short assessment and a short recitation of the Quran where our Imams will understand and see how skilled you are and see your weaknesses. By doing this, you will be placed in your suitable class. Other requirements will be your dress code which needs to be blue trousers and a white shirt for the first day where at the end of your first class, your proper uniform will be given.

Our classes vary from weekdays and weekends in the morning and afternoon as long it is suited for your time.

If you do not have the books, you should not worry as our bookstore manager in our community has them at a lower price for first-time new students.

Finally, one of the most important pieces of news that we could share with you is the Qira’at competition we have every year before the summer holidays where we organize events where you and our students will be able to compete and show your skills to a wide audience. Remember, winning the competition is not the aim, but making yourself proud and confident is the biggest achievement you might even be nervous, but there should be nothing that will stop you from reciting Quran.

It is a blessed moment to say to all of you kids and first-time students, our doors will be always open for students who wish to learn, and once you complete your skills, Allah will give you good deeds.

Marriages-Nikah Services

Marriages-Nikah Services

Marriages / Nikah Services

In Islam, marriage is given great importance and prestige.

Al-Misbah Academy of London (AMAL) facilitates the solemnisation of an Islamic contract of marriage( Nikaah).

The newly-married couple is provided with a formal marriage certificate (nikah certificate) to show they have been married according to Islamic Law, If you are interested in getting your marriage solemnised by a qualified Scholar from AMAL, we are happy to assist you

AMAL Requirements for a Nikah:

  • Mutual Agreement: Both families must agree or have been clearly informed of their intention to be married.
  • Religious compatibility: Both spouses must be of the same belief and creed. The Shahadah must be taken in case of a revert. If no Shahadah certificate is evident please note the whole Shahadah process will be repeated, logged, and registered at the AMAL.
  • Documents: Passport copy and a driving license or a current Utility bill. Civil Marriage certificate or booking confirmation of the same, for the day of Nikah ( if applicable).
  • Age compliance: Bride and Groom to be aged 17 years and over:

    (permission is required from parents or guardians if under 18 years of age please note that, the Imam would need time to make the best judgment and decision, based on the groom’s ability to provide maintenance which is considered obligatory (wajib) on the husband or in the event that the wife agrees to finance the husband, this too will need to be clarified. * Bride and Groom to be present: preferably in the same building/venue.

  • Bride’s Wali (guardian) or Wakeel (attorney) to be present: Marriage is a happy occasion and should not exclude the family. LFC does not support, nor conduct, a secret or a runaway marriage. The Imam conducting the marriage may call the guardians of the bride and groom to confirm their consent to the marriage, if they are not present or he is informed they are abroad.
  • In the absence of the Wali: If the Qadhi is content that permission was sought from the Wali, but his ground for refusal was on a discriminative basis; ie culture, race, caste, the Nikah will be conducted and considered valid.
  • Witnesses: Please ensure there are two male Muslim, sane and able witnesses who have a valid British passports. It is preferred that one witness is represented from either side; both the bride and groom.
  • Along with the bride Wali or Wakeel (attorney).

Nikah Fees

£150 non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking.

  • External Venue: If the Nikah is to be conducted at a venue of your choice, and within a three (3) miles radius of AMAL, then a £300 charge is payable, with a deposit of £150 to be paid at least a week in advance of the event. The external price begins at £300 and will increase depending on the distance from the office. Contact to ascertain an exact cost for your Nikah.
  • Nikah certificates: The issuing of any Certificate of Nikah, after Shariah verification, will be chargeable at £150 for a Nikah conducted in the UK and £200 for a Nikah conducted outside the UK.
  • Refunds: Any cancellation by AMAL, due to unforeseen circumstances, will be refunded in full. Otherwise, we follow a strictly non-refundable deposit policy.

3 Steps to Book your Nikah

Connect Us
Please email
info@almisbahacademy.co.uk or
Call 07400322792 or
Fill up the online form
Connect Us
Make Deposit Payment
Once you have confirmation of the date, pay the £150 deposit immediately to secure your booking. Write your name and date of the event as the payment reference. ie. ‘ Adnan Ali, 20.12.21’.
Make Deposit Payment
Get Confirmation
Send a confirmation email, using the form below with your name and date of Nikah, once you have paid into our account. Payments can be made here; Nikah Deposit/ Fees
Get Confirmation

Divorce Services

Divorce Services

Divorce Services

Applying for a Divorce/ Separation (Khula/ Faskh) Authenticating an undocumented Talaq (Divorce)

Al-Misbah Academy of London has the right to revoke a Certificate of Divorce (Faskh) we have issued if it comes to our attention that there had been false or misleading statements or the deliberate withholding of information to obtain a separation. The Shari’ah does not permit such means to achieve separation. Please ensure all information provided is truthful and the Academy is updated should any information (contact or other) change during the course of the case.

AMAL Divorce

Once you have completed the online divorce form, we will send out our ‘Terms of Contract’, which you are required to sign and return together with the necessary deposit, and further details will be taken from you.

These details will be put before a panel of Islamic jurists and they will consider these in light of the Shari’ah requirements. At this stage, you will be advised whether you have grounds for an Islamic divorce or not. If not, you will be given the option of mediation. If your circumstances warrant a divorce, your spouse will be contacted in an attempt to obtain an agreement to divorce. Divorce will be granted if the spouse agrees, or in the alternative, separation will be granted through the agreement of the scholars, based on the spouse’s lack of co-operation.

Each case is unique and therefore there is no fixed time span for completion, this is heavily dependent on the level of cooperation of the parties. As a rough guide, a divorce where both parties agree should take no more than 3 months to complete. Whereas, a divorce where the other party contests, or indeed does not respond to AMAL correspondence, is likely to take between 5-6 months.

FAQ on Divorce

There are three types of divorce:

Separation due to divorce, pronounced by the husband in return for a sum of money or upon the condition that the wife relinquishes her right over her mahr. For this type of divorce a Statement of Divorce will be drafted and will need to be completed by both parties in the presence of two Muslim witnesses. Upon completion, the Certificate of Divorce will be issued. The cost of a Khula is £350, of which £150 is to be paid on application and the remaining £200 upon completion of the case.

Separation due to annulment, petitioned by the wife. For this type of divorce the Council represents the petitioner and seeks to contact the husband and request an insight into the case and where possible mediate between the couple. Failing this, the Council will determine whether the Shari’ah threshold for an Islamic divorce has been met and resolve the case accordingly.

The cost of a Faskh is £550, of which £350 is to be paid on application and the remaining £200 upon completion of the case. AMAL has the right to revoke a Certificate of Divorce (Faskh) we have issued, if it comes to our attention that there had been false or misleading statements or the deliberate withholding of information to obtain a separation. The Shari’ah does not permit such means to achieve a separation. Please ensure all information provided is truthful and AMAL is updated should any information (contact or other) change during the course of the case.

Separation due to the husband uttering the word, “Talaq”(Divorce), verbally or by writing directly to the wife, or by communicating indirectly, through a third party.

The cost for documentation to confirm the Talaq, for official purposes is £200. This will only be awarded if AMAL has satisfactory evidence to prove that the Talaq had already been given. This will likely involve the drafting of a ‘Statement of Divorce’ which would need to be signed by the ex-husband.

Overall conduct and responsibility for your case will lie with our panel of Islamic Jurists, who also determine whether the Shari’ah threshold for an Islamic divorce has been met. The administrative side of all cases is dealt with by our specially trained volunteer, dedicated solely to casework.

Duplicate Certificate of Divorce:

  • Any duplicate certificates will incur a charge of £50 per certificate.
  • Any meetings related to Khula/Talaq which has already been finalized/consultations related to a divorce are chargeable at £25p/h.
  • Any letter written for Court or any other official body will be chargeable at £50p/h.
  • Payment can be made securely via PayPal on the inception of the meeting/ application of divorce.
  • Applying for a Civil Divorce (Decree Nisi/ Decree Absolute);
  • AMAL can only issue an Islamic divorce. To apply for a Civil Divorce we recommend that you contact any Legal Associates who can help you seek your official legal divorce.

Please Note: a Decree Absolute does not amount to an Islamic divorce. No solicitor is qualified to annul the Nikah (Islamic marriage). Only a husband or a Qadhi representing a woman, have the authority to annul the Nikah. The Nikah must be annulled by a qualified Qadhi either before applying for the Civil Divorce or after it has been granted. It is absolutely necessary to do this.




Assalamu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters

Here we are going to talk about Counselling for you.

You may be thinking about what Counselling is, and what it would offer to you.

In summary, many of our brothers and sisters face several problems such as a job or other personal issues where it may lead to damaging their Mental Health and the stability of their minds. However, we have the capacity of helping you and giving you the best advice and recommendation for you to get out of these problems, and prevent damage to your mental health.

Before You Begin With Us

Before you begin with us, you would need to provide your proof of identity, and the time you wish appointments should be made, and we would get in touch with you with further information such as when your session may begin.

In the meantime you may like to know what the benefits of doing these sessions are – well, these sessions help us to understand when you are facing issues and we try and bring a solution where we try all the possible steps to help you solve all these issues because the more you keep everything inside and not express it to people around you, then the more it will hurt you because you may start behaving in an unhealthy manner and this may lead to severe Mental Health conditions.

I conclude by providing you with the contact details to apply for a session with our community members.

If you would like to keep in contact with us, please do not hesitate to contact us